Sony unveils Haswell Convertible Laptop Tablets

Sony has unveiled a new line of Haswell based convertible laptop tablets, the lines include the Vaio Pro and the Vaio Duo. The Vaio Pro is a touch enabled ultrabook running Windows 8, pretty standard but it just weight 1.92 pounds and includes a high speed PCIe SSD drive with twice the performance of a traditional SSD apparently. Another feature that sets this ultrabook away from the rest is near field communications, this allows the device to communicate with other NFC enabled devices.

The second device being the Vaio Duo 13 which has the option of AT&T 4G, the device also has a reported 18 hours of battery life because of the standby sleep mode which does all of the heavy application updating and email checking when it’s in sleep mode. Both of the lines has full HD displays, which will look brilliant in you hand detached from the keyboard. Both models are sporting Intels latest offerings in the form of the Haswell microprocessor.

Sony isn’t making a big deal about screen resolution and hasn’t gotten themselves involved with the race to produce the highest quality display on a laptop like Toshiba and Apple have. Sony has made up for the lack of interest in screen resolution with their touch orientated software such as ArtRage Studio and Vaio Movie Creator software.

Source: VentureBeat

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