Songbird Music Service shutsdown


Songbird was an early digital music service that tried to compete with the big boys of the industry such as iTunes, Spotify and Pandora. The site has plans to shut down June 28 after they ran out of money to fund the project and failed to find a buyer, the service was the flagship product of launched back in 2007 by Pioneers of the Inevitable. In an attempt to keep up with the competition by releasing the online social version

The desktop version of this service was open source so you could customize the look and features of the software. Even though the service is shutting down shortly the code is still available for download but it is unsure how long it will be available for. The company restructured in 2012 which left only 11 employees in the entire company so naturally it’s going to be hard to compete with the rest of the competition.

The service had big plans for modernization before they ran out of money, they were going to introduce a premium features such as remote music collection access, music in formats such as FLAC and advertising. These changes would have allowed for a new channel of revenue to keep the company running at least for a little while longer.

Source: TechCrunch

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