Solutions to Galaxy S4 Notification Issues and “No Network Enabled” Error

Galaxy S4 Notification Issues

This article will show you how to enable or disable notifications in your Galaxy S4 plus the reason and solution for the “No network enabled. Enable network for best performance” error message.

#1 How to Enable/Disable App Notifications in Galaxy S4

If you are annoyed of the notifications that are constantly popping out of your screen, simply follow the steps below:

a. From the Home screen of your phone, go to Menu.

b. Proceed to Settings.

c. Go to the More option.

d. On the Device Manager section, choose Application Manager.

e. Slide your finger to the right until you reach the window where all apps are displayed.

f. Click any app that you wish to enable or disable.

g. After that, you will see on the next screen a checkbox that will let you enable or disable its notification. Almost all apps have their notifications enabled by default, so it’s just a matter of tapping the checkbox to disable it.

h. A confirmation message will appear after you check or uncheck the box, just click OK to continue.

i. Another way to do it is by accessing an app and by going to its options. Apps like Facebook will enable you to do enable or disable the notifications in its Settings.

Sometimes, notifications that are continuously popping out on your screen can eat up battery life. By turning them off, you can lower the processes running in your phone and conserve battery.

#2 How to Enable or Disable Text Message Notifications in Galaxy S4

You can also enable or disable the text message notifications in your phone. Just perform the following steps:

a. Open the Android messaging app.

b. Proceed to its Menu and tap the Settings option.

c. Scroll down and check or uncheck the box beside Notifications.

This is very useful if you are using another messaging app and you keep on getting duplicate notifications for the same set of messages.

#3 About the “No network Enabled” Error in Galaxy S4

If you are getting the “No network enabled. Enable network for best performance” message, some of the apps of your phone are probably trying to sync according to the S3Forums site. This usually happens when your WiFi and data are off. To solve this, either let the apps sync by connecting online or simply disable them using the Task Manager. You can also prevent them from constantly performing sync by configuring their Settings.

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