Solution to the Google Play Won’t Open Error in an Android Phone

android phone google play won't open

If you are having trouble opening Google Play or it suddenly shuts down moments after opening, you are either experiencing a minor glitch in your device or there is something wrong with your settings.

For a Minor Glitch

For a minor glitch, all you have to do is reboot your device or force restart your Android phone.

Problem in Settings

If restarting does not work, try clearing your cache and data. To do this, simply follow the steps below:

a. Tap the Chrome app.

b. Press the Menu key followed by Settings.

c. Go to Privacy.

d. Choose the Clear Browsing Data command.

If the other solution still does not work, you might have disabled the downloads in your Android phone. To activate it, perform these steps:

a. Go to Settings.

b. Select the Application Manager option.

c. Swipe your finger all the way to the All tab.

d. Scroll down the list until you find Download Manager.

e. Just select Enable to activate it.

The last set of steps will probably solve your problem. Most users who have been getting errors when connecting to Google Play had their downloads disabled.

The Problem Still Persists

If you are still getting the same error, there must be an app that is hindering the operation of Google Play or it might be a bug caused by a recent update.

So, try to determine which app you last installed when you started noticing the problem. It is likely the culprit. Just uninstall the app that you think is causing the trouble if that’s the case.

Also, if the problem only started appearing when you updated your OS to a newer version it is probably the cause. To solve this, just reset your phone to its factory settings. Just remember to back up data before doing it though.

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