Smartwatch 2 is Sony’s second try at wearables



Sony’s second try at wearables is considerably better than the first, but the question still stands if the market is ready for this influx of small smartwatches, which basically act as a secondary way of checking your smartphone.

The Smartwatch 2 will come with Bluetooth and NFC, for easy paring with devices. A 1.6-inch 220 x 176 touchscreen comes with a detachable strap. The design of the Smartwatch 2 is pretty impressive, instead of plastic Sony has went for the premium stainless steel and aluminium build and the smartwatch is also waterproof.

Like the Pebble smartwatch, Smartwatch 2 will pair with the users phone to display notifications and the time. Unlike Pebble, who decided to make their own third party application ecosystem, Sony has borrowed Android’s and will allow apps to be added onto the smartwatch.

The Smartwatch 2 will also have a music remote control and will allow users to change songs and volume from the smartwatch. We are unsure if all Android apps will be ported onto the smartwatch or if Sony will select apps appropriate for the user.

No price has been placed on the Smartwatch 2 just yet, although we suspect it will come in at a little over the Pebble smartwatch price. It will be launched globally on Q3 2013.