Smartisan OS now available in pre-alpha version

Smartisan, a China-based company, has released the pre-alpha build of its custom Android ROM. At this point, however, it is only available for the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300. One needs to download the software on a Windows non-RT computer, and follow the directions which are written in Chinese in order to flash the custom ROM on the Galaxy S3.


For those who want to download the software, however, there is a caveat: it is not stable and a bit slow, as Engadget reports. However, if you are curious as to the features that Smartisan introduced during its launch, then you can click on the link to the Smartisan website below.

Also worth checking out is a hands-on video of Smartisan OS, but like the instructions, they are in Chinese.

Meanwhile, for those who do not have the required handset, Smartisan has promised to launch its own Smartisan OS-based smartphone next year. Eventually, it will also provide support for more handsets, including the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S II, and HTC One X.

Smartisan is the brainchild of Luo Yonghao, a former teacher who founded and heads the Redesign font studio. His operating system supposedly re-imagines certain UI elements, such as the icons for some 1,000 apps, with the help of graphic designers who are members of its forum. The operating system features a 4 x 3 grid of icons, which is based on the idea that consumers typically use about twelve icons on a daily basis.

There is a feature to hide or lock panels, as well as to zoom out to several home screens, instead of moving icons from one screen to another.

Smartisan also includes several apps that according to Luo are the best from China. These are WeChat, Momo, Sina Weibo, Sogu input, and Youku.

What’s your take on the Smartisan OS?

via vr-zone, engadget

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