Skype Video Messaging Officially Launched

skypeSkype, the Microsoft-owned messaging platform, has officially launched its video messaging service. Skype Video Messaging has been in beta since February, and the service has just been made available on most major platforms.

Skype video messaging is essentially a video voicemail– If a person you are trying to contact is not available, or you would rather send a video message instead, you can just select the ‘Video Message’ option. You can make recordings of up to three minutes in length. You can also preview a video message before it is sent, and delete and re-record a video messages before it is viewed. The recipient of a video message can easily reply after viewing a message.

Video Messaging on Skype is now available on the native Skype for Windows and Mac desktops, and Android, BlackBerry and iOS Skype mobile apps. Conspicuously, the feature is still missing from the Windows Phone Skype app.

Source: Engadget

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