Samsung’s Take on the Galaxy S3 and S4 S Voice and SD Card Errors

Galaxy S4 Voice Error

The Galaxy S3 and S4 S Voice and SD card errors have been troubling users for quite some time now. So, some users contacted their carrier and the manufacturer of the device directly to get information and solutions about the issues.

#1 Samsung Galaxy S4 S Voice Error

One user who just bought his Samsung Galaxy S4 shared to us that he is experiencing errors when using the S Voice despite his device being brand new. According to the owner of the new Galaxy S4, he called Verizon and Samsung to complain about the issue. Then, the response of the manufacturer and the carrier coincided with what we have cited here before as a cause, which is a software glitch.

Now, there’s an official confirmation of the issue.

Therefore, we would like to advise Galaxy S4 owners who are experiencing the issue to call up their carrier or Samsung so that their problems will be kept on official record. Bugging the companies from time to time may also help speed up their coordination and come up with a new OTA update that would fix the problem.

Despite the hopelessness of the situation, the solutions which were featured in our earlier article here are still worth a try. But we would like to remind you all that the solutions do not guarantee that the problem will not happen again.

#2 Galaxy S3 and S4 “Blank SD Card” and “Removed SD Card” Errors

Samsung appeared to have confirmed another problem that has been plaguing its Galaxy S3 and S4. In a forum of Android Central, one user called the customer support of the manufacturer regarding this subject.

After instructing the user a couple of solutions like reinserting his SD card and trying out SD cards from other devices, it was ruled out by the Samsung representative that the problem is with the SD card. It should be noted that other SD cards seemed to work with the phone but its native SD card cannot be detected by other devices.

So, if you happened to be one of the people who have defective SD cards, contact the customer support of Samsung right away and request for a replacement. But be sure to check first if it is really the SD card that is defective by trying the solutions advised by the Samsung representative above.

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