Samsung working on carbon fiber for new products in joint venture


Samsung could be turning up the game with a carbon fiber joint venture between the South Korean electronics giant and SGL Group, a carbon fiber specialist.

For years Samsung has been hit with backlash over the poor plastic design they decide to put on their high-end devices, instead of metal or polycarbonate. This has made many top Galaxy and Note flagships feel cheap to the end user and some analysts believe this lowers satisfaction rates for Samsung, despite the huge amount of devices they’re able to sell.

With this new joint venture, called Samsung SGL Carbon Composite Materials, it seems the company is preparing to move away from degrading plastic to high-flying carbon fiber, which would really drop the weight of phones even further while adding to the durability.

This adds to the line of new designs we are expecting from Samsung, with flexible display shows at CES 2013 by Samsung that will be available for manufacturers next year.

Source: AndroidBeat

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