Samsung showcases Galaxy S4 Zoom in lifestyle demo video

Samsung is promoting its new Galaxy S4 Zoom through a 2:49 minute lifestyle demo video. The video features a young woman showcasing the various uses of the device.


From the specifications that were released recently, it was pretty clear that the Galaxy S4 Zoom combines the features of a camera with those of a smartphone. The video, however, shows that you can use both the camera and the smartphone simultaneously. While in an active call, a user can capture and send photos to the other person, as per the video, in a feature called In-Call Photo Share.

It also highlights some of the camera’s features such as zoom-ring control which allows for easy focusing. Also shown in the video is the camera’s 10X optical zoom, which lets the user to capture distant objects; and 16M BSI CMOS Sensor, which allows for great shots even in low lighting conditions or when the subject is in motion. Meanwhile, the Optical Image Stabilizer minimizes the chance for blurred photos to be captured due to camera shake. Quick Launch and Shortcut lets the user access the camera functions on the smartphone display with a simple turn of the zoom ring. Smart Mode Suggest, meanwhile, automatically provides the settings for virtually any kind of subject in whatever lighting condition that the user wants to capture. These are organized in 25 Smart Modes, which the Smart Mode Suggest feature filters to a small number to aid the user in making a decision. Photo Suggest, for its part, gives suggestions, based on one’s physical location.

As the device’s specifications and features have already been revealed earlier, the lifestyle demo video does not give many surprises. It does, however, give users a better idea of how such features work in actual situations. The video also features several images supposedly taken with the camera-smartphone combo device, but it is unclear if we should take them to be real images captured with the Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Here is a link to the video.

via androidpolice