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Samsung reveals Wireless Charging kit for Galaxy S4

Samsung had promised a wireless charging kit for the Galaxy S4 during the launch of the device. Just as they promised, this week the company has made the kit available for all S4 users.

wireless charging s4

Wireless charging is not a new concept. We have seen many device feature the Qi based wireless technology in the past like the Droid DNA, Nokia Lumia 920 etc. But when the much awaited S4 did not have Wireless charging built into the phone, we were really disappointed.

Now that the company has launched the wireless charging kit, we have something to cheer about.

Just as we thought, the kit is available in two different parts namely the wireless charging cover and the wireless charging pad. The wireless charging cover when attached to the Galaxy S4 would enable wireless charging on the device. The device can charge wirelessly on any Qi based wireless charging panel.

But if you don’t have the pad, you can buy it separately from the company. The wireless charging pad which is obviously Qi based, works like any other charging panel. As we have seen a lot of wireless charging pads lately (Nokia’s wireless charging pad, Nexus 4’s wireless charging panel), we don’t think would have to say anything more about the kit.

The total kit would cost you around $90, but you can buy them separately too. The wireless charging cover is priced at $39.99 while the wireless charging pad is priced at $49.99. The wireless charging cover is available in black and white; however there is a high chance that the company would roll out more colors soon. Unfortunately, the charging pad comes only in white which is a bit disappointing.


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