Samsung in talks with Jay Z to finalize a $20 million deal

Samsung is a having a great year with its flagship device, galaxy S4 reaching the 10 million mark even before a month of its launch. Now, new rumors suggest that Samsung is in talks with Jay Z to finalize a deal worth $20 million. Yea, you heard that right! The contract is worth $20 million which takes us to the main question, what is it for?

samsung jay z

Unfortunately, we have no details on the terms of the contract. So, at this moment, all we can do is speculate. Well, we have some ideas like to start with, like the deal may be a marketing contract for Samsung devices. Samsung may be interested in hiring the Surperstar of the music industry as a creative director just like Blackberry who hired Alicia key for the same position.

But according to NY Post, the deal could be for a music streaming service for Samsung. Now, this sounds logical too. We have seen Google and Apple interested in this booming industry and it wouldn’t hurt for Samsung try out their luck.

NYPost sources report,

“The eight-figure deal will be inked in the next few weeks, and is the biggest of its kind. You can speculate that he’ll want to develop some kind of new music-streaming service to promote his acts and music on mobile devices.”

Music streaming industry is already filled with competitors like Spotify, Pandora, Google’s Music All Access etc and hence Samsung definitely need something like this to get into the market.

People love Jay Z and he is one of the most popular icons in the industry. Imagine what it would be like to have instant access to Jay Z’s videos and songs on millions of Samsung devices all across the globe. You definitely see a winner here. The music streaming service could be something like Nokia Music, providing free access to songs along with an option to upgrade to a premium package to get more from the service.

If this deals turns out to be true, Samsung fans would be delighted for sure. But we can’t confirm anything until we see some more concrete details of the same. We’ll make sure to update you will more details when the company announces this deal.