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Samsung Galaxy S4 Puts a Strong Fight Against iPhone 5 in Sales

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A new data released by a research firm revealed that Samsung’s flagship smartphone has put up a strong fight against Apple’s flagship smartphone in the Cupertino company’s own backyard. The strong Samsung Galaxy S4 sales against the iPhone 5 were reflected in the figures acquired by Canaccord Genuity from three out of four major telecom operators in the US.

Galaxy S4 Tops in Three out of Four Carriers

According to a report from the Tech section of The Times of India, when the South Korean company launched its major product in the US last April 26, it has remained strong in the market ever since.

In the figures released by the major carriers in the US last May (namely Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile), the Galaxy S4 saw a big improvement last month in terms of sales. From being the second highest selling smartphone in the record books of the three companies (just falling close behind the iPhone 5) last April, the Galaxy S4 climbed the topmost rank last month.

On the other hand, the iPhone 5 remained to be the best seller of AT&T for May. Then, the HTC One and the Nokia 928 remained to be fighting over the third position in US sales from the months of April to May.

Samsung’s Declining Shares

Despite the great performance of the Galaxy S4 in the US market, it was reported by The Wall Street Journal that the shares of Samsung dropped 6.2% last week. It is a clear indication that the other products of the brand may not be performing well.

The decline was attributed to a research note published by a JP Morgan analyst. The source said the report stated that the shipments of the Galaxy S4 for the third quarter would likely disappoint investors, resulting in lower-than-expected margins for Samsung.

Source: The Times of India and The Wall Street Journal

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