Samsung Galaxy S4 Errors: Voice Control, Attaching Photos in SMS, Ringer Volume

Galaxy S4 Voice Control Problems

Below are common complaints that we have been receiving from Samsung Galaxy S4 users:

#1 Galaxy S4 Voice Control Problems

If you are experiencing problems with the voice control features of your phone, one of the things causing it is that there might be too much noise in your background. This could also occur when your voice is too soft for the sensor of the phone to understand. The accent of the speaker could be a cause of this issue too. So, try moving away from areas with loud background noise, speak clearly and make the volume of your voice audible.

Another cause would be a glitch in the system of your device. See if shutting it down and starting it again will take care of the problem. You can force your phone off as well by pressing the power button for about 10 seconds.

An app that you have installed just recently could be a culprit. So, just uninstall the app that you think is causing the problem if the solutions prior to this do not work.

This could be a result of a recent update in your firmware too. If you have noticed that the problem only started after getting a new update then it is definitely the reason for your trouble.

So, if all else fails, just restore your phone to its factory settings by performing the steps below:

a. Open the Settings.

b. Choose Accounts.

c. Select the Back up and Reset options.

d. Tap the Factory Data Reset command.

#2 Galaxy S4 Error When Attaching a Picture in SMS

Since the Galaxy S3, there have been some users who have been complaining about getting errors when sending an SMS with images and others have been getting errors while attaching the pictures.

If this problem is not caused by an intermittent signal in your area, then you are probably experiencing a glitch in your software which is similar to the Galaxy S3. A temporary way to take care of the issue is by restarting your device. But then again, this is just a temporary fix and it is not a guarantee that you will not encounter the problem again.

Another solution is by lowering the resolution of the picture that you are trying to attach. There is a restriction on the size of file that you can send through text messages so this remedy is worth a try.

#3 Galaxy S4 Automatically Lowers Volume

A unique problem that we have encountered so far is that one user has been having the volume of his ringer automatically adjusted for him. It is worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has an auto adjust feature that will increase the volume of the phone when stored in the pocket or in a handbag. But all this does is to increase the volume.

So far, there have been no reports too that would lead us to believe that this may be a cause of a software update. It is less likely that an app is also causing this but it is still worth checking if there is an app causing this.

Therefore, the problem is probably caused by a faulty hardware in the volume area. Have your phone checked if the volume down is somehow stuck because it might be the one making the automatic adjustments.

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