Samsung Galaxy S3 Internet Stops Working Error

Samsung Galaxy S3 Internet Stops Working

If your Samsung Galaxy S3 Internet stops working. There are a couple of factors that should be checked. These are your carrier, router settings, Internet connectivity settings of your phone, interference of other apps or main glitch in the system of your device (due to a software update).

To go over the problem, try clearing the browsing data of your Galaxy S3 first. Then, reboot or perform a powercycle (remove the battery while the phone is on and restart it) if the problem continues. If you are still getting the same result, check if your router is working properly (this is if you are using WiFi). But when any of these do not work, call the Customer Support hotline of your carrier to report the issue because your area might be experiencing an intermittent Internet connection.

If the problem is not in the network, then there might be an app that is interfering with the Internet function of your phone. Simply locate the cause and uninstall it if that’s the case. However, once all else fails, reset your device to its factory settings.

For Meteor Users

According to a Meteor forum, if you happened to be using Meteor and you are experiencing Internet problems, do these after trying all the steps above with the exemption of a factory reset:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Access Mobile Networks.

3. Proceed to Access Point names.

4. Open Meteor data or Meteor WAP followed by Proxy option.

5. Delete the proxy settings.

Alternate Solution for Meteor Users

You can also try this if the solution does not work:

1. Go to Settings  and select Wireless & networks.

2. Open Mobile networks.

3. Go to Access Point Names.

4. While on the APNs screen, proceed to Menu and then tap New APN.

5. On the Edit access point screen, enter the APN settings. Tap an APN setting item to edit it.

6. Press MENU and then tap and Save.

7. Copy the following information in the screen:


Meteor APN –

No user name

No password

Leave all other settings as current defaults on handset


Username: my

Password: wap

Server: leave blank


Mms proxy:

Mms port: 8799

Mms protocol: wap 2.0

Mcn: 03

Authentication type: pap

Apn type: mms


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