Samsung Galaxy Galaxy & Activ Live Event News

Samsung Galaxy S4 Now in 5 New Colors

S4 Colors

Samsung has announced that its flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4, just got 5 new colors.  In it’s Premier event, Samsung announced that the S4 will now be available in Blue Arctic, Purple Mirage, Red Aurora, Brown Autumn and Pink Twilight.

S4 Active, Zoom and Mini

Demonstration of the capabilities of S4 Zoom and S4 Active ongoing.  The S4 Active rugged phone comes with a 5 inch screen, a 1.9 GHz quad-core processor, 16 GB onboard memory and 8 megapixels camera.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is ‘the only phone in the world with a 10x optical zoom camera.  It also features a 16 megapixels sensor and a Xenon flash. It features 25 different ‘Smart modes’ to choose from and is perfect for taking pictures in low light conditions.

Samsung Galaxy NX Camera

Samsung Galaxy NX is a hybrid of Samsung Galaxy Camera and Samsung’s line of NX cameras.  It features 4G LTE, interchangeable lenses (up to 30 to choose from) including a new Fish-eye lens and Android Jelly Bean OS.

Samsung Galaxy NX Camera

The Galaxy NX camera presents the best ‘Hybrid’ auto focus features comparable only high end SLRs with 1/6,000 of a second.  The camera has TouchWiz user interface that simplifies photo sharing.

Ativ Q

Ativ Q Runs both Android and Windows 8.  It has a very bright display that can make it easy to use even in bright sunlight conditions.  Samsung calls this qHD+ and presents a 3200 x 1800 resolution.

Ativ Q has a sensor that determines the light conditions of the environment and adjusts brightness accordingly.  It also has an impressively wide viewing angle.

The tablet makes it easy to switch between Windows 8 and Android OS.  Users can switch between the two OSes without having to reboot the device.

Android apps can be pinned and run on Windows 8 interface.  The tablet is powered by an Intel Haswell processor and has a battery that can provide up to 9 hours of battery life.

Design features a swiveling hinge that allows for 5 different modes including Tablet, Typinbg, Floating, Stand and Writing (which is just like tablet if you ask me).

Activ Q

Activ Q tablet cover is made from Magnesium metal, is 13.9mm thick and weighs 1.29 kg.

The event is still ongoing and we will be updating you with the latest developments as they unveil.  Keep here for more news from the Samsung Galaxy & Activ live event from London, UK.


Samsung Activ Q tablet: It runs both Android and Windows 8
Samsung Activ Q tablet: It runs both Android and Windows 8

Users will get a free copy of MS Office 2013 with every Activ Q tablet.  The tablet promises up to 8 hours of battery life and comes with an S-Pen.

That’s it folks, that’s all Samsung had for Android fans.  We will of course cover everything announced during the event in upcoming posts, so be sure to check back and find out what we may have missed or was not covered.