Samsung Galaxy Camera NX leaked with changeable lens


The Samsung Galaxy Camera NX was suspected, for a while, to be the next in the Galaxy Camera line. However, it seems Samsung will be bringing a higher end camera using Android to the mix, with a 20MP shooter.

Samsung’s new high end camera will have 20.9 megapixels and an interchangeable lens. We believe this will be the high end Android camera, with the original Galaxy Camera continuing as a lower down shooter.

This looks more like a DSLR and we believe Samsung will pump a lot of camera features into this new model. It will come running Android 4.2 with Samsung’s overlay on, possibly with new camera features.

While this does seem like a move by Samsung to start a range of Android powered cameras, we cannot see the business being as successful as the mobile and even less so considering many photographers don’t want an Android powered camera.

Source: TechTastic

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