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Samsung CEO plans to sell the ‘world’s first’ LTE-Advanced phone in the form of a Galaxy S 4 variant

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Samsung aren’t doing to bad at the moment, selling their flagship device – Galaxy S4 – faster than they can make them and in many different variety of software with there latest Google edition pleasing all of the Android purists. Now Samsungs CEO has said that the Galaxy S4 will be modified and will be the first of it’s kind and commercially launch on LTE-Advanced (The next Step up form the existing LTE).

LTE-Advanced theoretically should double the performance of 4G, the CEO of Samsung refused to name any of the networks that the new variety of Galaxy S4 would launch on. Even though 4G is barely off of the ground Samsung is trying to be innovative and skip to the next generation of wireless, this could start a trend of all of Samsungs future mobile device being equipped for LTE-Advanced with in the next year. Of course it is only in theory that LTE-Advanced is doubly as fast a 4G there will need to be real life test to see how great the gap between the two really is.

Samsung needn’t worry about not having a market to sell to since parts of Russia are using and reaping the benefits of LTE-Advanced.

Source: Engadget

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