Samsung and HTC Take to Twitter to Brawl it Out; LG Referees


After HTC took home the gold in the form of ‘Hottest Mobile in 2013’ at this year’s Mobile Awards, they decided to poke a little fun at Samsung, and the following results were hard not to laugh at.

HTC first started the twitter ‘conflict’ by tweeting out they won the Hottest Mobile award for the HTC One and then tagged Samsung in the image as well.

Samsung retaliated saying that ‘our arms were full with the other three awards we took home last night,’ and that HTC can ‘have that one’ in regards to the hottest mobile award.

It didn’t stop there though; as HTC decided to throw something at Samsung to make them really feel the burn.

Following this, LG decided to step in and play referee, stepping in between both of the two companies by posting a funny image, stating that ‘It’s only a phone.’


It’s clear to see that both of the twitter accounts were just poking a bit of fun at each other, and it all seemed like well-mannered banter to me.

It’s nice to see phone manufacturers get competitive without throwing patent cases at each other, and this is certainly a way to do it.

source: AndroidAuthority