[Rumor] Google Working On An Android Gaming System

A report released by the Wall Street Journal suggests that Google is planning to release an Android-based gaming system soon. The WSJ says that “people familiar with the matter” leaked this info out as a pre-emptive measure against the rumored Apple gaming console which is said to be a part of the Apple TV release.


While we have received a lot of rumors lately from various sources, this one from the WSJ looks to be the real deal as they often get their rumors right. Android gaming consoles are still new in the market with Ouya, GameStick and Shield spearheading the way. The entry of Google will add more interest in this area which could fuel sales and development.

Google is also reportedly working on an Android smartwatch as well as a successor to the Nexus Q. The watch is also part of the company’s plan to combat a similar device that will come out from Apple.

The company also aims to take another shot at their media-streaming service by coming up with a successor to the Nexus Q. The original Nexus Q was a streaming device that was unofficially dropped by the company since consumer feedback pointed out that it was priced too high and only had a few features.

Google is said to be preparing to ship one of these products by fall of this year. The company will be handling the design as well as the marketing of these products.

The company has declined to make a comment on this report.

via wsj