Revisiting the Samsung Galaxy S4 Overheating Issue

samsung galaxy s4 problems

It seems like there are so many users out there who are still asking what is causing the overheating problem in their Samsung Galaxy S4 units. If you are among them, please read our earlier posts regarding this problem by clicking the link to the article called Remedies for Samsung Galaxy S4 Overheating, Auto-Restart and Recurring Prompt from SEAndroid.

The auto restart is probably related to the overheating of your phone, so relieving it of some apps eating up so much memory in the background may solve it. In addition to the tips provided in the earlier post, try to turn off your sync and Google updates too in order to lessen the load of your processor.

But if this does not fix the problem, you are already looking at a problem with a component of your hardware.

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Reader Feedback

From Steve:


I have been reading your articles about overheating and thought I’d share what makes my s4 overheat.

If mobile data, or/and gps is on its the only time I experience overheating specifically just under the camera. So if I’m using it as a sat nav it gets really hot.


From Anirudh:

Hi. I have been using the samsung galaxy s4 for more than one month now . I have faced the heating issues alot of times -both near the camera area and at the top part of the screen. I have also faced the problem where the phone restarts while using the camera. I have tried constant reboots. I always close all apps in the task manager and run in power saving mode. I do not use the air gesrure or motion . But the device still gets hot. I recently rooted my s4 and I am using a custom rom called crash rom. My device still gets hot often but the camera restart issue has reduced . I hope this problem is fixed soon as it is very hard to use the device when it is hot.

Thank you.

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