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Remedies for Samsung Galaxy S4 Overheating, Auto-Restart and Recurring Prompt from SEAndroid

samsung galaxy s4 overheating

Recently, we have received some problems with the Samsung Galaxy S4. The problems involved the Samsung Galaxy S4 overheating in the camera area, automatic rebooting when using the camera and a recurring prompt an app called SEAndroid 1.0.

Here are the possible causes and remedies for these problems:

#1. Samsung Galaxy S4 Overheating in the Camera Area

There have been numerous complaints about the tendency of Samsung devices to overheat easily. As an Android user, I also frequently encounter this problem. So, this is no longer new to many longtime Android users and some may even say that this is already normal.

One remedy is by turning off the unnecessary services running in your background using the task manager to ease up the load of your processor. If the problem persists and your phone still gets unusually very hot, observe your battery. There might be something wrong with it. It would also help to turn off your phone once in a while and let it rest for a couple of minutes before turning it on again.

When the abovementioned remedies still do not work, have the circuitry of your device checked for possible flaws. It is possible that the problem is not really in your camera since its hardware won’t use up power anyway if it’s off. The problem might be located in the hardware beneath it where the chips of the phone are closely bound to each other.

#2. Automatic Restart When Using the Camera

Sad to say that up to now Samsung still hasn’t addressed this problem. Users have already tried everything from rebooting or force restarting their devices. Some even went as far as restoring their factory settings which really did not solve the problem.

This problem likely lies in the camera firmware of the smartphone because it only happens randomly, not all the time. But if it consistently does that, it might be the hardware already. The firmware problem can only be repaired with an OTA update that is coupled with fixes. On the other hand, if it’s the hardware, better bring your warranty and your phone to your dealer and have it replaced or repaired.

Still, it won’t hurt to try the usual troubleshooting methods like manually rebooting your phone, getting an updated antivirus or bringing your device back to its factory settings if all else fails.

#3. SEAndroid 1.0 Recurring Message

According to a forum in XDA Developers, here is a remedy for the recurring SeAndroid prompt:

1. Utilize a File Manager with root explorer and mount SYSTEM as WRITABLE.

2. Access /data/data/ and look for com.sec.knox.seandroid and rename it to 000.knox.seandroid or whatever you wish. Perform the same to

3. Next, proceed to /system/app/ and then delete the KNOXAgent.apk, KNOXAgent.odex, KNOXStore.apk, KNOXStore.odex

This seemed to work on many users who have experienced the problem.

Email Us Your Problems

If you are experiencing problems with your Samsung Galaxy S4 or you are still getting problems after applying the solutions here, feel free to send us an email at and we will see what we can do about those problems. You can also share to us your thoughts on the subject and your own remedy by hitting the comments below.

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