Redbox Instant coming to Roku


The many Roku users will soon be able to access Redbox Instant which combines their DVD rentals with a Netflix style subscription service. Redbox Instant officially announced on Thursday that the service will finally come to Roku in the summer, but no specific date has been discloses. This announcement comes after Redbox Instant launched on Google TV, Redbox is trying to stay in the game with Netflix taking the lead so far.

Roku reaches quite a wide audience with five million units sold in the US up to date, the Redbox service won’t be available on the first generation Roku device, but there will be a few million potential customers. Considering how competitive the set top market is, I think Redbox is making a good move in spreading their service over a few services to reach the maximum amount of potential customers.

I think that if RedBox wants to keep up with Netflix they need to get their service on more set top boxes like the Apple tv and possibly the major consoles, currently Netflix dominates on the Xbox 360 and PS3. The streaming business is a very competitive business especially since Amazon have taken part in it with the service – LoveFilm.

Source: Gigaom

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