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Qualcomm to launch ZOLA Smartwatch in September

Of late, the name Qualcomm is  synonymous with most high end smartphones and tablets as the company manufacturers processors powering most powerful smartphones and tablets.  What you may not have heard is that Qualcomm is also jumping into the smartwatch market with its own device set to be launched in September this year, according to @evleaks.

Smartwatch showing Qualcomm's mirasol display technology to be used in ZOLA
Smartwatch showing Qualcomm’s mirasol display technology to be used in ZOLA

There are no more details regarding ZOLA, Qualcomm’s smartphone, but we can speculate that the watch will most likely run on one of Qualcomm’s entry-level chips and feature Mirasol screen, technically known as Interferometric modulator display.  This is a screen technology that offers lightweight yet crisp paper-like readability in any lighting conditions and uses the least power compared to any screen technologies in the market at the moment according to

The news that Qualcomm is working on a Smartphone, which will most likely run on Android operating system, comes just days after another major manufacturer, Sony, unveiled its third generation smartwatch dubbed SmartWatch 2.  Sony unveiled this smartphone at Mobile Asia Expo as a new member to existing smartwatches which include its predecessor that also runs on Android.  There are major players who have launched smartwatches within the last half year including Samsung, Apple and LG.  Microsoft and Google are reportedly working on their own smartphones with Google reportedly expected to come to the market over the next year.

This is just a speculation, but if the watch really is coming in September, it appears that the next battleground for tech companies will be the smartphone market.  We will keep an eye out there, update you when there is any news to report about ZOLA.

Source: @evleaks

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