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PSA: Google Edition HTC One and Galaxy S4 To be Released Tomorrow


Tomorrow at 9 AM PDT (12 PM EDT), Google will release the Google Edition” (also called by some as the “Nexus” Edition) HTC One and Galaxy S4 on the Google Play Store. The Google Edition HTC One will cost $599 and comes unlocked for any carrier and has an unlocked boot loader with 32 GB of onboard storage.

The Google Edition Galaxy S4 will cost $649 and also is unlocked for any carrier and has an unlocked boot loader with 16 GB of onboard storage. It has a slot for a microSD card for expandable storage, too. Both can do LTE. Unfortunately, for international readers who also want one, the products are US only for now. But they’ll most likely be on eBay within a few hours of their respective releases.

Now the question is: Which phone shall you choose? Will you go the stock Samsung route, the HTC route, or will you stick with a Nexus 4? Let us know in the comments!



Sources: The Verge, AndroidCentral

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