PS4 bundles go up for pre-order, still cheaper than the Xbox One console


Amazon has finally uploaded a variety of launch day bundles for the PS4, their pre-order guaranteeing delivery on the consoles release date. After selling out of its stocks of game-free Launch Day consoles, the retailer has added more bundles  that include Battlefield 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack and Watch Dogs available to buy with the console. There are special deals along with the purchase of specific games; those who buy Battlefield or Killzone will also get $10 off a year’s subscription to Playstation Plus.

The price of the PS4 bundles are still lower that the enormous price of the Xbox One’s console; the bundles with Playstation Plus are $499.90 and the bundles with a single game are $459.90. Even the most expensive Playstation bundle mentioned is still six cents cheaper than the Xbox One alone, with the Xbox One retailing at $499.96. Amazon haven’t released any bundles for the international market but they will arrive in due time.

The added functionality and the price point put the Playstation temporarily ahead of the Xbox One unless they can pull something out of their bag of tricks to entice more users. Xbox might only have their limited amount of exclusives at launch to entice people to go out and buy the Xbox One.

Source: TechRadar

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