Preventing HTC One Duplicate Contacts and Fixing the Red Screen Problem

HTC One Duplicate Contacts

Recently, two HTC One users reported that they have been experiencing problems with their devices. One had an issue with having duplicate contacts and the other had problems with the screen turning red when chatting while using the Hangout app.


Preventing HTC One Duplicate Contacts

For the first question about the prevention of HTC One duplicate contacts, there is no native app that can provide this function. However, downloading and installing an app capable of managing the Contacts can solve this like the Duplicate Contacts app in Google Play.

It is also recommended for people who do not want to be burdened with this problem to prevent their HTC One from performing syncs with their Google Contacts or  contact list in social networking sites.


HTC One Red Screen When Video Chatting

Another HTC One user discussed that whenever he is using the front camera of his device while chatting, the screen becomes really red to the point wherein seeing himself in the camera is no longer possible. He added that it happens a lot when his face gets too close to the cam or when the phone gets too warm. However, he noted that none of the people he is chatting with are experiencing the same problem. So, he suspects that something is wrong with his camera.

So, what might be the problem with it? If the person on the other line is getting a clear video feed, the problem might not be the camera. The problem might be the in the display of the HTC One. This happens when the phone is dropped frequently by the user.

There is a chance also that the warmness that causes the red video is related to a hardware problem like a grounded wiring inside. It is really hard to tell what the problem is because this is very rare and it might not even be camera or app related.

Some users have complained about getting a red frame around the display of the HTC One when starting apps though. There were two tips provided by the XDA forum to fix this. One is by going to Setting, then Options Developer, followed by checking the Update Screen option. The other is by accessing Settings and unticking the Strick Mode Enabled command.

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