Poppy Turns Your iPhone Into A 3D Video Camera

Wouldn’t it be nice if your iPhone could record 3D videos or take 3D photos? Over at Kickstarter, a campaign has been started by a couple of Seattle entrepreneurs that allows your iPhone to do this with the aid of Poppy. Poppy is compatible with the iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5 and the fifth generation iPod Touch turning it into a 3D camera which can be used in capturing and displaying 3D videos and 3D photos.

Poppy is an enclosure that houses mirrors that captures two images from your iPhone’s single camera. When you look at the viewfinder you will see the two images combined into one 3D image. The great part about this device is that it doesn’t require any batteries to operate as only optical technology is involved.

You can use any camera or video app to get the 3D effect. The team responsible for this device is also making things easy by releasing an iOS app for Poppy.

The features of this app include

  • Capturing 3D videos and 3D still images
  • Saving photos and videos to your iPhone’s photo album
  • Uploading videos to YouTube
  • Browsing your own 3D content as well as 3D videos on YouTube
  • Easy controls and navigation for when your phone is in Poppy

Aside from taking 3D videos from special events like weddings and sports you can also use this device to view the thousands of 3D videos which are available at YouTube. Their Kickstarter page states that “Poppy is great for capturing events like weddings and for action sports, or for just playing with your kids in the backyard.  Images and videos captured with Poppy are immersive. Viewing feels like you’re experiencing the original moment again! There are other possibilities too, like real estate and architectural walk-throughs, science, education, augmented reality, art and more. We’ve tested Poppy in a lot of situations, but we’re most excited about the uses you’ll discover for Poppy!”

The inspiration for this device comes from stereoscopic technology of the 19th century as well as the View Master.

The project has 29 more days to go to reach its goal of $40,000. As of this writing, a total of $35,325 has already been pledged by 531 backers. A pledge of $39 gets you the Poppy from the first production run on October and is estimated to be released this December.

via kickstarter

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