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Pepsi Like Machine gives you a free soda for a Facebook like

We have seen some weird promotions from large companies in the past but this one will definitely grab your attention.

Pepsi has started a new promotional campaign where the company trades a can of soda for a facebook like. Yea, you heard that right!  A free sample can of soda just for liking their Facebook page.

pepsi like machine

The idea was first used at a Beyonce concert in Belgium. The Pepsi vending machine or the so called LIKE MACHINE would give out a sample for a like on their Facebook page. The process is pretty simple, if you have a Smartphone, you can go up to the vending machine and like the official Pepsi page on Facebook. As soon as you like it and choose you soda flavor, the vending machine will give out a sample for free.

And if you don’t have a Smartphone, you can use the inbuilt touch screen to log into your Facebook and like it. Every 15 minutes the machine automatically logs you out of your Facebook account.

This seems to be a pretty smart move by the company as in return for a soda can they get the personal information that they need. The method of sampling has been used for centuries to collect information about their customers and this is just a different variant of the same.

With companies resorting to social media to know the likes and dislikes of their customers, the LIKE MACHINE gives the company exactly what they need. As the narrator in the video shown below states, the company can get information like who personally liked, tried and enjoyed an ice cold soda.

So, if you happen to be in Belgium for some reason, make sure to get a free soda from the Like Machine. It wouldn’t hurt to get a free soda for something that you have been doing for free all along.


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