Pandora Launches a new TV Based Experience staring with Xbox 360 and PS3


Pandora has launched a new browser based interface for TV’s today, they hope that it will set the bar for using service like Pandora in the living room. The experience will be supported by Xbox 360 and PS3 along with internet connected TV’s because it is HTML5 based. The goal of Pandora is to become the 21st century radio with their experience, they want to become the only radio station that you go to when you’re surfing the web or on your Xbox or PlayStation.

This move isn’t just a shot in the dark they do have data to back up the new experience; more than 10 million people have listened to Pandora via their televisions or set top boxes. The broadening of the service will also help them in the polls of the most used music streaming service, especially with iRadio about to emerge at WWDC. A browser version of the service keep the control of the platform with Pandora and does not give any control to any OEMs.

The new web experience will give the users the same functionality as they would have in Pandora’s apps and they will be able control the interface via their remote control. The service is available now to use to your hearts content.

Source: TechCrunch