Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Spare Battery and Charger Now available


As a consumer, being able to have a smartphone with a removable battery can bring many benefits. Unfortunately, for manufacturers it’s easier for them to scrap the removable battery idea and in its place manufacture smartphones that house unremovable batteries. Doing so will allow smartphone manufacturers to spare more room for even more hardware components.

Samsung however, is a company that has stuck to creating handsets with removable batteries, and this means that consumers can not only take out their battery and request a new one if it happens to die on them, but they can also buy additional batteries to use as spares, perfect for long trips without a ‘plug-in point.’

Samsung has recently announced its new official spare battery and charger kit, and it’s available for purchase through a few online retail stores for about $50. The kit comes with a 2,600mAh battery, a charger that allows you to charge the battery even if it’s not in your smartphone, and a cable to plug it into the wall. The 2,600mAh battery is most likely the exact same model that the Galaxy S4 is shipped with as they both carry the same capacity.

Source: Droid-Life