Odin Mobile Announces The First Mobile Service Dedicated To The Blind And Persons With Low Vision

Odin Mobile is a new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) set to launch this coming late July and will be using T-Mobile’s network. This new cellular provider aims to be the first mobile service dedicated to the blind or people with limited eyesight. As such, the company is starting to offer three handsets that are designed to be easily used by the visually impaired.

According to Doug Chartier, senior vice president of MVNO, partner brands and national accounts for T-Mobile US, Inc. “Everyone should be able to experience all of the wonderful things that go along with mobile technology, and we’re thrilled to see Odin Mobile stepping up in this way to help make sure that they can.”

The flagship device of the company is the Huawei Vision Ray which is designed to be operated easily without a person needing to look at it. Every feature of the device can be accessed easily by the visually impaired. Aside from its basic functions like making calls and texts it also has a GPS, voice recorder, money recognition and color recognition. The device also allows remote access so that customer service representatives of the company can see what’s on the screen and can even control the device to better assist customers.

According to Robert Felgar, general manager of Odin Mobile, “The RAY is an amazing device that fills an important need in the blind community. It offers the visually impaired the benefits of a smart device through a unique user interface that makes it easy to use by the tech savvy and reluctant adopters of advanced technology alike. We are extremely excited to collaborate with project RAY to improve the lives of the visually impaired.”

Odin mobile will also carry the Emporia Essence and the Emporia Click. The Emporia Essence is designed for people who just want to make calls. It uses large keys and a high contrast display for easy visibility. It also sports a powerful speaker. The Emporia Click is a clamshell phone that uses large keys, has a high contrast display, comes with an adjustable font, and has powerful speakers.

Odin Mobile offers its customers several advantages such as

  • Great cell phones for the blind and visually impaired
  • Simple plans for every budget
  • No Contract
  • Excellent customer support
  • Great 4G Network

The company promises to donate two percent of its revenue generated from voice and text to organizations that help the visually impaired.

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