Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Kit has received over $16 Million from Investors


I think we’re just two steps away from our childhood sci-fi fantasies becoming a reality, and these two steps first lie in hovercars and virtual reality machines.

Whilst we’re a long shot off having hover cars, virtual reality seems to be getting closer and closer thanks to a few devoted developers trying their best to reach the ever-wanted VR breakthrough.

One of these virtual reality machines that holds a lot of promise is the Oculus Rift- it is a headset that has managed to crowd-fund $2.5 million on Kickstarter, and has now secured another $16 million thanks to investors hoping to help the Rift get into the hands of everybody that wants it.

Investors are also interested in the Oculus Rift because they believe that the virtual reality headset has a lot of financial potential waiting to be taken, and if the VR headset manages to catch mainstream appeal, it’s likely it could sell very well, especially with developers that are keen to work on making titles for the hardware.

source: Engadget


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