NVIDIA Drops the Price of Shield to $299; Shipping to Begin Next Thursday

Just like the voices of the millions of gamers all over the world influenced Microsoft’s decision on the Xbox One (now literally Xbox One Eighty after the company’s 180-degree change of DRM policies), NVIDIA has also made a few changes on the NVIDIA Shield console, starting with the price.  NVIDIA will now make the PC and Android hybrid handheld gaming console available for $50 less than the initially indicated price.  The company also announced that the Shield will launch and start selling on June 27th – next Thursday!

Nvidia Project Shield

NVIDIA announced the changes and launch date after ‘receiving and reviewing feedback from gamers during the 2013 E3 and CES conferences’.  The company had announced that the Tegra 4 powered gaming console would sell for $349 but it appears that the price change is attributed to the competition the company expects from Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4.  With high end gaming tablets launching every few weeks and the introduction of Android-based consoles such as OUYA and new cheap game controllers that easily connect to smartphones and tablets via USB and Bluetooth.

According to NVIDIA, the Shield, which was announced in January during the 2013 CES, is ready for shipping.  The company will be shipping orders pre-ordered starting next week.  For the price of $299, the Shield is pretty affordable but the future of such handheld consoles may be in jeopardy as competition gets stiffer.

“Feedback from gamers is why SHIELD’s triggers have the perfect throw length. Why SHIELD’s buttons have just the right amount of give. Why SHIELD’s thumb sticks are so satisfying to flick.  NVIDIA is aiming for “a home run” with the new price point” – NVIDIA

Even at the reduced price, I think the Shield is still very pricey and NVIDIA may have to find other ways to entice buyers who already own several smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles.  The $299 price makes the NVIDIA Shield $50 more expensive than the new Playstation Vita but $100 cheaper than the new PlayStation 4.

What is your take on NVIDIA’s move to drop the price of Shield?  Do you think it was motivated by ‘gamer’s feedback’ or focus groups and market research?  Share your thoughts with us on the comments section.

Source: Time

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