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Nokia says goodbye to Symbian phones

Nokia will cease shipping Symbian smartphones this summer, according to a report in the Financial Times. The Finnish company, instead, will focus its efforts in making Windows Phone-based handsets.


Nokia’s latest Symbian phone is the 808 Pureview, which it released in 2012. Nonetheless, due to a continued demand in some areas, Nokia kept shipping Symbian handsets.

To date, Symbian still has a small market share in some areas. It is estimated that its market share in Europe will be around 1.8 percent in the period from January to April. This is 8 percent less than last year’s figure from the same time frame. Meanwhile, its market share in China is still around 2 percent.

The market share of Symbian phones has been overtaken Nokia’s own Lumia product line, which is based on Windows.

According to the Financial Times, Nokia’s decision was brought about by the company’s inability to keep up with Apple and Android’s advancements. Thus, even if the smartphone market had been expanding, the sales of Nokia’s Symbian smartphones had been greatly decreasing.

Now, Nokia’s success as a company fully relies on Microsoft. Microsoft, for its part, is working hard to ensure its own triumph in the operating system wars. More than ever, Nokia and Microsoft are exhibiting a close working relationship to develop more innovative, marketable products.

In a statement, Nokia said that developing a Symbian handset took considerably more time than developing a Windows Phone-based smartphone. While the former took involved two years, the latter only require than 12 months. The reason, Nokia explains, is that the Windows Phone code necessitates less modification than Symbian. The phone maker is thus allotted more time to work on factors such as apps, camera features, and music, among others.

Despite its report, the Financial Times claims that Nokia may not announce its decision to cease Symbian phone shipments, since it will keep selling what stocks it still has.

The same source also clarifies that Nokia will continue producing low-end handsets using Nokia’s own operating system.

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