Nokia Lumia 925 will come to T-Mobile next month


The Nokia Lumia 925 may be getting a new upgrade with the Lumia 1020 next month, but T-Mobile is still prepared to launch the phone as the new Windows Phone 8 flagship sometime next month.

T-Mobile has an exclusive deal with Nokia and they will be the only US carrier to have the Lumia 925 on board. This means AT&T and Sprint will miss out on Nokia’s top products, although they may be candidates for the Nokia Lumia 1020 launch.

The tipster has said dummy models will turn up next week, followed by actual shipments the week after for T-Mobile. No word on how many Nokia is sending to T-Mobile, there has not been a huge amount of advertising done in the US.

This is the first Nokia flagship to come with a metal body with polycarbonate, it weighs sufficiently less than the Lumia 920 and comes with a certain premium look and feel.

Source: WMPowerUser