Nokia launches JobLens, a virtual way to find real life job vacancies


Nokia unveiled the JobLens idea back at Mobile World Congress and then showed it again with the Lumia 925 reveal, but it has just officially launched on the Windows Phone store and will help jobseekers find a new placement.

Currently, JobLens is only available in North America and we suspect Nokia will continue to integrate jobseeking websites and other relevant data before pushing the app out to Europe and possibly other areas.

JobLens allows the user to hold their camera up and find jobs nearby, through the virtual portal on the phone screen. Nokia integrates a lot of different job sites and social networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed, and Zillow.

SkyDrive is enabled on the JobLens app, allowing the user to store resumes in. There are ways to make sure the user can send a resume through the phone, possibly via NFC or Bluetooth, although it will be up to the company to allow this resume.

The app also features different location and navigation services and can filter jobs more suited to the jobseekers experience and wants. No app really does these features all in one bundle and we are glad to see Nokia spousing up the Windows Phone app store.

We have no idea when or if Nokia will be porting this app to iOS, Android and other platforms. We suspect with the Windows Phone store and Windows Phone not really hitting the big marks, they will want to keep it exclusive for as long as they can.

Source: The Next Web