Nokia Asha 501 launches in Thailand and Pakistan first


Nokia will be launching the Asha 501, the first phone to run on the Finnish mobile makers budget end mobile platform, Asha. First countries to get the device are Thailand and Pakistan, followed by a move to Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

The low end handset sports a few notable features, including the Asha mobile platform completely redeveloped for first time use. Asha works on two modes, Home and Fastlane. Home is a traditional take on the homescreen, with windows of icons for the user to tap into. Fastlane is a condensed version of all notifications, with the current and most important ones coming first.

Asha 501 has a retail price of $99 and is designed for people buying their first “smartphone” and developing markets. This is why it will come to Asia first, where Android is hitting a large number of low-end sales and Firefox OS is trying to penetrate. BlackBerry has also had good ties to this area with their low-end keyboard devices.

The phone sports a range of different colours, including green, yellow, red and blue. The phone is certainly not made to be the thinnest but it looks durable and we expect it is quite light. It comes with a three-inch low-resolution display, a single-core processor and rather low-end components, although it does have a 3.2MP rear camera.

Nokia will not be launching the phone in the US or Canada and we suspect places like England, France and Germany, amongst other wealthy countries, are not likely to see this phone appear on shelves. This is due to Nokia focusing on Lumia in those areas, instead of the Asha mobile platform.

Source: The Next Web

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