Next generation Apple TV could have additional gaming features


Apple just revealed the strongest hint yet at an Apple gaming console, which we suspect will come incorporated into the Apple TV. The new instructions for building third party gaming controllers seems to be Apple’s way of allowing third parties a chance to build their own.

While Apple currently only has casual games on iOS, if Apple TV or another type of console is brought out by Apple either this year or next, it could spark the fuel with many developers and publishers to make core games for the console.

This and the fact Apple already has all the TV content tapped would make for an excellent console. Apple has always been one step ahead of Microsoft in the TV, but Microsoft has built a pretty superb gaming console as well and has huge gaming studios.

Looking ahead, Apple would only need to make sure publishers were on board to have a pretty ideal set up. The gaming market is questionable though, with both Atari and Nintendo suffering at the hands of bad press and not enough third party titles.

Could you see a gaming console from Apple? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Gizmodo

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