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Newest Google Search Update Brings New Cool Google Now Features

Google updated its search tool today, adding a ton of new cool features which to me were long overdue.

First off, there is a new TV search feature integrated into Google Search which you may find quite useful if you love to watch TV shows and movies.  With this feature, you can search for shows, actor and actress names, show or movie titles and literally anything about them – as long as you have little information to go with.  For instance, if you watched a show that you couldn’t quite figure out the name but know what the show is about or which station airs it, Google Search will provide everything you need to know about it.

Google Search

This feature works well if your TV is internet ready and even better if your device is on the same network with the TV.  There is a ‘Listen for a TV show’ card in Google Play that you can use to get information about a show playing on your TV without you having to enter any data.  Google now comes in handy to provide a lot of other information such as other shows the stars on the show have featured in, when to catch the show, shows of the same genre and ratings on imdb among others.

Google Now handshake is another great feature coming to Google Search that reminds you of any offers you may find beneficial in your area and allows you to access any saved offers.  Although this feature has been around for awhile, this is the first time it actually comes to Google Now.  Besides this, another feature that you will find very useful is the ‘Voice Action Tips’.  Google has not provided so much information regarding this feature but it appears it is more of a ‘help’ or ‘tutorial’ feature to teach you what commands are best used for your device to understand you.

The new updated Google Search has a feature that lets you play music through voice commands.  It brings up and plays any music track you want when you ask it to.  Although the playback is default to YouTube, there is a great selection of apps to play the songs you command it via voice search that you can choose from.  The music playback control button will be located on the notification bar pull down menu for easier control.

Do you have the new Google Search Update yet?  If yes, have you tried these new features?  What do you think?  Will you be using them regularly or are they just not that beneficial?  Let us know what you think.  If you would like to manually update your Search, you can get it here.

Courtesy of Droid Life

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