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New Samsung Galaxy S4 Update Adds App-To-SD Function


If you’re an owner of the new Galaxy S4, you’ll have noticed just how little room the software heavy smartphone has free for usage. Whilst the 32GB and 64GB versions have ample storage space, the 16GB version has a rather small 9.15GB available to the user.

This isn’t really the kind of storage space that should belong on a handset with a high definition screen and hardware that’s capable of smoothly running 1-2GB sized apps, games, and HD movies, and many complaints have been sent Samsung’s way because of the issues.

Samsung has responded, and to help fix the issue, they have now started to roll out a new update for the S4 that will amend the small storage problem.

The update will allow users to move all of their app’s data to a microSD card, allowing users to potentially expand their total memory to an extra 64GB worth. The update has also cleared up 80MB of unused storage, and changed a few things around with the UI.

Source: theverge

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