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New Samsung Commercial airs


It seems Samsung has decided to stop taking hits (for now) at rival smartphone manufacturers and in its place release a cute commercial that will make everyone go ‘awh’ including Apple fans.

The ad shows a determined father as he tries to care for his baby whilst his partner is out- the commercial then proceeds to show the father making use of the Galaxy S4’s new software features whilst he cares for the baby.

He first uses Air Gesture to answer a call whilst his hands are full, and then uses it later on to search YouTube for swaddling tips with S voice, and then whilst he focuses on the baby the video pauses, showing Smart Pause in all its glory.

This is probably the first commercial where Samsung has truly shown off a Galaxy handset’s features in a fun and friendly way since its rise to fame after the iPhone, and they managed to do it without slandering anybody. Good job Samsung. You can check the ad out yourself by going to Samsung’s YouTube channel.

Source: Android Authority

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