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New Safari for OS X Mavericks Includes Integrated Twitter and Improved Performance


Like mentioned in my previous post, Apple has now announced a new Safari to go hand-in-hand with OS X Mavericks. A few new improvements have been added, including stuff you’ll notice visually, and other things you may notice in terms of performance.

On the visual side, Apple has included a lot of new social integration into the new Safari. For example, the previous Reading List which could be found within the sidebar now contains the option to share links directly from the reading bar whilst browsing bookmarks and other content found there.

Twitter has also been neatly integrated into Safari; you can now link your Twitter account, making link sharing even easier.

In terms of performance, Apple has now changed the way Safari works, taking inspiration from Google Chrome. Each tab will now have a full process dedicated to it, which means that if one tab crashes, it won’t force the whole browser to close down.

Apple has also tried to improve battery performance whilst using Safari- CPU usage on Safari is now supposedly significantly lower than both Chrome and Firefox, and according to Tim Cook, still manages to beat the two in JavaScript benchmarks.

The new improved browser will help to boost the battery life of the new Haswell chip Macbook Airs, which will have an apparent ‘all-day’ battery life.

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