New MacBook Air Owners Having WiFi Problems


The new MacBook Air has some prominent updates, especially on battery life, but one issue has cropped up on lots of different Apple forums and support boards, the WiFi. While the new MacBook Air has support for 802.11ac, the newest WiFi standard allowing users to connect faster and with more speed, it seems there is something wrong with the wireless connection and it is making the WiFi pretty buggy and unusable.

With the MacBook Air being one of the most used notebooks in the world, a lot of time is spent on the web and the Internet needs to be consistently there for the users. Apple normally apply firmware updates to mop up these problems, although this may be something to do with the design of the MacBook Air, not allowing the WiFi to connect to routers.

We have seen Apple make this mistake before, on the iPhone 4 there was fury when users could not connect to the Internet or to their carrier because of the radio placed in the wrong position.

Source: MacRumors