New iPhone Case Promises to Keep Phone Radiation Away from your Head


Whilst it’s not deemed socially acceptable to wear a tin foil hat around with you, it should come to our attention that mobile phones, especially smartphones that can blast out various kinds of radio signals aren’t exactly 100% safe to use for long periods of time.

Many people report they can’t hold phone calls for too long because of earache, and phone radiation has even been linked to infertility, so the threat is definitely there.

Luckily though, there are people already working on solutions, and one solution comes in the form of an iPhone case. In fact, the manufacturers have been creating radio deflecting iPhone cases for a while now, but their newest one actually looks pretty good.

Pong, the manufacturing team behind the case wanted to find a decent design, so they teamed up with Ideo to make a case that protected your brain from radiation and looked good on your iPhone.

If you’re wondering how the case actually works, Pong states on their website that the gold antenna found in the case pairs with the iPhone’s antenna to redirect wireless energy away from you and out in different directions away from you. The technology has been refined enough to ensure that the product does a good job protecting you from radiation without ruining signal quality.

At the moment, Pong has cases available for a few iOS, Android and Blackberry products, but if you have a different handset, you may have to put up with the radiation till Pong or another company works on a more generalized design.

Source: Wired

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