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New Google Patent Takes Previous ICS Facial Recognition to the Next Level


We all remember when Google added facial unlock to Ice Cream Sandwich, right? It looked like a pretty cool feature at the time, although nowadays I haven’t noticed anyone actually use it unless they’re just showing off. We’ve all seen it now though, and I think I can say for the majority of us that it is a feature that sits in the recesses of our smartphones, along with other unneeded features or apps.

However, it looks like Google may be adding a new face unlock gimmick to their phone soon that will make it even harder to crack into someone’s phone. (Unless you have that user’s Google username and password..)

Google has recently patented a technology that will not only be able to recognize certain faces, but it will also be able to recognize facial expressions. So if you want to pull a funny face every time you unlock your phone, this new patent may be the thing you’ll want to see on a new Android OS.

I do agree that adding this feature will make it ultra-hard for anybody to get the phone to unlock without having access to that persons Google account details, even if they force you to look at it, and seeing this kind of technology sprouts opportunities for similar technology later in the future.

Do you think facial expression tracking sounds like a cool thing to have on your phone? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: Engadget

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