New Fable forums hint at another chapter in the franchise


Lionhead Studios and Microsoft may be reviving the somewhat disowned Fable franchise for the Xbox One, the humorous action RPG is currently on its fourth generation, although Fable: The Journey was a very poor sequel.

Even though Fable: The Journey got adequate reviews, it had Kinect motion sensor control throughout and the game was basic compared to previous titles in the series.

Peter Molyneux has since left Lionhead Studios and started work on Godus. This could be an opening to try and create something new in the Fable universe with the new IP, moving away from the entangled story about Theresa and The Spire.

We will have to wait for E3 to see the 15 new IP’s coming to the Xbox One in the first year. Since Fable would be published via the Microsoft Studios route, we can see why the franchise would be revived.

Source: Fable Forums

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