Muve Music Crashing: A Look at the Problem and Possible Solutions

muve music crashing

One Cricket subscriber has complained about his Muve Music crashing and asked for our help. He recounted that since he got the app for his Samsung Galaxy S4, it has always been glitchy and unresponsive at times.

Looking at the download page of the app in Google Play, Muve Music crashing has been very common with many users. This suggests that the app is definitely glitchy. Among the common complaints associated with the app were sudden crashes and slow loading.

One commenter said that the Muve Music crash started happening since updates were rolled out for the app. So, what the user did was to delete the update through the Application Management section. The fix seemed to work for her. Another way to solve the problem is by downloading the app again.

It would also help to lessen the apps running in your background to ensure the smooth operation of the app. Avoid using Muve Music and opening the Internet browser of your unit as well.

If the solutions still don’t work, then you will just have to wait for an update of the app with a fix or ask a refund from the Customer Support of the carrier.

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