Motorola DVX Could be Google’s Ultra-Low-Cost Smartphone for Emerging Markets

A new budget Motorola smartphone, only known as DVX for now, may be Google’s gift to emerging markets, a ‘reliable source’ told the folks at Phone Arena just a while ago.  This comes just hours after the company’s new logo appeared online, a picture of rumored X Phone surfaced and confirmed news that two RAZR Ultra devices will be coming to Verizon.

Motorola’s new logo, especially the inclusion of ‘A Google Company’, may be a sign that Google, its parent company, has big plans for the device manufacturer and we may be seeing a lot of Motorola on the technology communications arena soon.  According to Phone Arena, a dependable source hinted that a new budget device only codenamed Motorola DVX is one of the devices in the Moto X (or X Phone) line of devices that the company intends to use to propel itself to the limelight again.


There isn’t much information about the DVX device at the moment but it appears the DVX is just one of a number of devices that Motorola will release this year under the Moto X banner but this one is specifically designed and will be specifically priced for the ’emerging markets’, which could mean for the Asian and African markets.  Considering that there are still billions of people in other parts of the world without smartphones, Google may be working on reaching the previously unreached masses with low end affordable smartphones, starting with the DVX.

Last month, we learnt of Google’s Loon project where the company was working on providing Wi-Fi internet access to millions of users in emerging markets from Africa to Asia using high altitude blimps.  Providing Wi-Fi access to users who do not have computers or smartphones would be pointless, and it appears Google has all its plans in order with this new device.  As an update, it appears Google will be providing Wi-Fi internet access to these markets through a company known as O3B (The Other 3 Billion).

Phone Arena quotes their source at Motorola saying that the Motorola DVX is ‘planned to be released later this year’ and that ‘it will be an ultra-low-cost device whose main aim is to provide a viable option for users in those parts of the world who cannot afford or do not have smartphones’.  Earlier this year, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside was quoted confirming the existence of the Moto X, which we then thought was a single high end smartphone, and pointing out that Motorola’s vision is to follow up the Nexus device with high quality but low cost devices.  The Motorola DVX perfectly fits this bill.

We will keep you posted as soon as we hear something concrete regarding this device or project.

Via Phone Arena