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Moto X prepped to launch on August 1


An upcoming ad campaign spotted on Behance could show a big change in Motorola, in preparation for the Moto X phone, what CEO Dennis Woodside said would be the first full collaboration between Google and Motorola since the acquisition.

The ads detail the end to Motorola, with the words ‘Good Bye Moto’ on big screen prints. Set to begin on 8.1.13, we believe Motorola will be submerged into Google, instead of its own entity. There are valid reasons for assuming this, Motorola patents have failed to really bring any income for Google and Motorola is losing money each quarter.

By destroying Motorola as a brand and creating a division, like Nexus or Android, it will make the team more interoperable with Google. It does seem like quite a unique stance Motorola has right now, they can make phones and Google just sits back and hopes the outcome is good.

The Moto X Phone will be Google’s way of sticking a load of sensors to understand the user onto a great device. Dennis Woodside talked about durability and battery life being two key issues brought up by Larry Page, so we believe the company has invested heavily in different glass materials and possibly extensive battery life.

We did hear a rumour months ago about customisation on a smartphone, while the Moto X Phone will probably not have customisation options, apart from the back coming in a variety of different colours and materials.

On the advertisement it did say they would be back with a new face and new ideas. This really does seem like they’re becoming one with Google and we suspect more layoffs as Google tries to refocus and redesign Motorola around their intentions.

Via: Android and Me

Source: Behance

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